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OpenBVE Train Sim (OBTS) Addon Sites For This Region ~ To Contribute Click HERE


RailWay Gages Used In This Region ~ For More Info Click HERE

2f500 0m762
2f953 0m900
3f281 1m000
4f708 1m435 ~ Regional Standard

RailCar Couplers Used In This Region ~ For More Info Click HERE

AAR couplers on Loco+Wagon stock
BSI+SCHA couplers on ModernTransit stock

Click Images\Videos below for a larger view. Dead links may be revived via the InternetArchive.

Passenger ElectricMotorUnits(EMUs)Edit

2013 MitsubishiHeavyInd+CNREdit

DownLink ~ HongKongMTR.C Stock for KwunTong+TsuenWan+TsuengKwanO+IslandWest Lines

2008 Siemens+Tangshan.Velaro~CRH3Edit

OpenBve 2013-07-30 19-40-53-54
DownLink ~ ChinaRail.H3 stock for Beijing~Tianjin+Wuhan~Guangzhou+Zhengzhou~Xi+Shanghai~Nanjing Lines

2002 MitsubishiHeavyInd+HyundaiRotemEdit

DownLink ~ HongKongMTR.K stock For Airport+Island+KwunTong+TseungKwanO+TsuenWan+TungChung Lines

2001 KawasakiHeavyInd+KinkiSharyoEdit

DownLink ~ HongKongMTR.SP19 stock for East+MaOnShan+West Lines

1998 AdTranz+CAFEdit

MTR Tung Chung Line A-Train
DownLink ~ HongKongMTR.A stock for Airport+TungChung Lines

1982 MetroCammellEdit

OpenBve KCR MLR 1E7
DownLink ~ HongKongMTR.MLR stock for East Line

1979 MetroCammellEdit

M-train - 1MTR Urban Line M-TrainM-train - 3D cab
DownLink ~ HongKongMTR.M stock for Island+KwunTong+TseungKwanO+TsuenWan Lines

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